Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Green Smoothie

I feel pretty good having 2 big green smoothies today. I had one in the morning just before heading off for class and ... here's the recipe:

2 handfuls of organic spinach ( I used baby spinach )
2 large bananas
A little water ( to get it blending)
10 grapes
Ice ( I usually use 1 tray of ice as I like it really cold)

Result: Really creamy, sweet and no taste of spinach. This made about 800 ml and made me feel really energized and I wasn't hungry till lunch.. which is an improvement since I usually get tempted to snack on something in the late morning.

I felt so good that it made me have another smoothie when I got back. This time I included 2 medium leaves of organic rommaine lettuce and instead of using grapes 1 blended it with 10 large strawberries.

I guess I'm almost meeting my target of having 64oz of green smoothie a day (about 2 litres) :D