Thursday, 30 May 2013

Its a rainy Thursday in supposedly sunny Bavaria..Oh well

Its a rainy Thursday. And its the end of May. And i'm in Bavaria. And isn't it suppose to be sunny or did summer forget to show up? But it still works for me :D

Reminds me of how much I love rain. Its really calming, peaceful, cold and makes me wanna retire to my bed with a nice hot chocolate(which im craving right now).

That's the vegan hot chocolate taken from Choosing Raw

I love the cold crisp air, makes me appreciate things more - I have no clue why. So i'm sitting here listening to Dreamer by Isbells hoping for a vegan hot chocolate to land infront of me and... I LOVE chia seeds :D 
Taken from

Blogs I follow

My journey to becoming vegan was especially driven by the many interesting and helpful blogs out there. I used to spend hours looking at recipes and this alone, strangely, made me very happy. I still spend a large amount of time reading and following some blogs.

Oh She Glows:

This is where I got my Chocolate chia pudding idea from and till today its may favourite breakfast recipe :)

This Rawsome Vegan Life :

I really like this this blog particularly since the writer, Emily is a uni student and I feel like I could relate to her better . Shes got amazing dessert recipes and although they all look really good, they are surpsingly easy to make. Heres where I got my Raw hot chocolate idea from and yes, I have it every night and sometimes in the day

Queen of Quinoa:

I began following this blog recently since I incorporated Quinoa into my diet. I srated training at the gym in March since I finally found some time and relised I was probably not getting enough protein into my diet. Since Quinoa is really high in protein and is also gluten free, its perfect for me ... and you ;) I eat 1 or 2 servings of Quinoa each day and I feel like im actually getting enough nutrients ( since i felt kinda hungry all the time in the past).

Monday, 27 May 2013

My everyday to-go breakfast

Breakfast is usually one of the most challenging meals for me to have or to prepare for since im not very good at coordinating myself in the morning, every morning. So i figured I have to have something healthy, vegan and filling ready for me every morning. So it's non other that a Chocolate Chia Pudding.

I look forward to this every morning ( who wouldnt want to be abe to eat something so chocolate-y, delicious & absolutely healthy ).

I cannot emphasise enough the benefits of chia seeds and when coupled with Raw Cacao( the superfood chocolate), it makes an amazingly quick,healthy & filling breakfast which gives me all the energy I need to go on through the day.

I started eating this chia seed pudding everyday in Singapore, before I moved to Germany and within a month or so I noticeed that I could do way more at the gym when I ate this. (so its energy giving poperties are true ;) ) Also, cacao, raw cocoa, is known to contain alot of antioxidants and make us happy :)

Cacao Chia Pudding

4 tablespoons of chia seeds
1 tablespoon of cacao (raw)
1.5 mugs of dairy free milk- I use organic oat milk but you can use nut milk

Here's a little intro about them :

Chia seeds are gluten free and contain no cholesterol. Also , they are content a high amount of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, protein, antioxidants and minerals, making in really nutritios :D Aztec warriors believed that a tablespoon of chia seeds are able to sustain a person for 24 hours ! Isn't that amazing? Plus 4 tablespoons a day is the optimum amount :)

It's like happiness in a cup. Can't be any easier ;)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Green Smoothie

I feel pretty good having 2 big green smoothies today. I had one in the morning just before heading off for class and ... here's the recipe:

2 handfuls of organic spinach ( I used baby spinach )
2 large bananas
A little water ( to get it blending)
10 grapes
Ice ( I usually use 1 tray of ice as I like it really cold)

Result: Really creamy, sweet and no taste of spinach. This made about 800 ml and made me feel really energized and I wasn't hungry till lunch.. which is an improvement since I usually get tempted to snack on something in the late morning.

I felt so good that it made me have another smoothie when I got back. This time I included 2 medium leaves of organic rommaine lettuce and instead of using grapes 1 blended it with 10 large strawberries.

I guess I'm almost meeting my target of having 64oz of green smoothie a day (about 2 litres) :D

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Today's Green Smoothie

Since I'm in London now, I could finally go back to my rountine of making green smoothies with Organic Spinach and Kale. I couldnt find these 2 in Germany for some absurd reason, maybe they are not in season, so here's the recipe:

  • handful of Organic Kale
  • handful of Organic Spinach
  • 2 stocks of Organic Celery
  • 3 Organic Kiwis
  • 1 tablespoon of Organic Raw Honey,
  • about 8 ice cubes( it makes it taste better ;) )
  • half a lemon( juice)
  • 2 large bananas or 3 medium ones

I get the organic vegetables and fruits from Tesco's and they are surprisingly cheap. 

I was so happy to find organic, raw honey in Holland & Barrett's and it was only £ 3,90  for 340 g.  

According to the cover, its totally raw as its cold pressed, with pollen and fresh from the hive so it has all the good stuff in it :)

Thursday, 28 February 2013


I was so grateful to have visited Prague since it's so beautiful. 

Amsterdam used to be my favourite city : canals and the beautiful houses along them; the sophisticated city culture and its vibrant life but now Prague's taken over ;)

Im inlove with Prague now :D . I took hundreds of pictures but decided to only edit and upload afew so you get the essence of my trip and Prague :)

I like how Prague is so vibrant with an amazing nighlife scene, abundant  shopping areas, cheap and good restaurants and people from all over the world. 

I spent 3 nights in st. Christopher's Inn and I was beyond impressed. The hostel was well decorated and it even had a large common room which was designed in a gothic team which large comfy sofas and big tables. Free wifi in the whole hostel and the rooms where clean and the breafast buffet for about 5 euros had a wide variety of food ranging from cereals to cured meat, fruits, potatoes, bread and pastries. Ofcourse coffee, tea and juice too ;)

It was really cheap too. It was about 4 euros for the first night in the 26 person dorm( which was clean, neat and quiet), and 8 euros for the next two nights. So all in all, I was really happy with the accomodation :D

First up, this was Paul. A great start to my day :) A popular french bakery/cafe chain.  It had delicious pastries, quality tea, coffe and other breakfast menus, since I went there in the morning. 

Torture Room in the Prague castle. It showcased how people used to be tortured in the past :/

 Charles Bridge- one of the oldest bridge in Europe.

Took this during my sunday walk around Prague. I was lucky since the sun was out and people were out and about.

I find it interesting how they have random old stones fitted into the walls of buildings :D

Coulourful hand made magents in a tiny shop in the Prague Castle area. Cute.