Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Daily Beauty Regime

I've been wanting to write on this for some time since I have seen an increasing number of articles on how people switch from using regular face wash to natural D-I-Y options. I have been using 2 ways to wash my face:

Raw Honey

 I started to wash my face with raw honey 2 years ago and I never looked backed :D I soon noticed that my skin started glowing and generally looked much better. Over time, my skin looked good enough for me to not need to wear foundation and even when I moved the winter, my skin remained soft and glowing without moisturiser (y).

Oil Cleanse

This is my current favourite.Its done with pure castor oil and raw honey.

First, I apply castor oil to my whole face and then followed by the raw honey and a little of water. When raw honey comes into contact with water, it becomes a humectant and works better. Then, the best part, apply a steamed towel on the face (I soak mine in really warm water). I do this several times since I just love it :D I also use the towel to massage my face to remove any dirt/oil. The steamed towel helps open pores and allows the castor oil work to much better by pulling out more dirt/toxins. The origin of castor oil has been debated about a lot since many sources are known to be not safe and hence it's better to use pure, organic, cold-pressed castor oil, which can be found on amazon. This castor oil cleanse has made my skin really glowy and prevents and cures acne really quick.

Since, I have only positive experiences with using home made recipes an alternative to commercial face wash, I would highly recommend it. It's worth sticking to regime for at least 1 week to see obvious results.

As for using makeup, castor oil  and other oils such as Pure Coconut oil remove makeup totally and thats a plus point too as you won't have unnoticed leftover makeup on your face.

Weekly Mask:
Raw Honey and Pure Himalayan Sea Salt scrub

I just read about the healing benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt and how it contains many minerals. I then proceeded to do what I always do, and that is to try out the recipe. I first applied raw honey onto my face. I then took half a teaspoon of the salt and dabbed it all over my face and massaged my face. I apply the salt after the honey as I fine it easier then combing the 2 products first. I left the mask on of ragout 10  minutes and then washed my face. Results were pretty good since my face wash really smooth and looked brighter. I have only used this mask once and will only do so once a week as its still really cold here in Germany and I wouldn't recommend more uses as salt can be really drying.

So thats all I had to say today :D I will do a post on ice cream and how it can be made raw and healthy :D Its funny that its really cold outside and I, for some absurd reason, have been craving it for a few days now. I bought an Organic Mango Passion Fruit frozen yoghurt from Vitalia today but I am determined to make my own :D

Till then <3

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