Thursday, 30 May 2013

Blogs I follow

My journey to becoming vegan was especially driven by the many interesting and helpful blogs out there. I used to spend hours looking at recipes and this alone, strangely, made me very happy. I still spend a large amount of time reading and following some blogs.

Oh She Glows:

This is where I got my Chocolate chia pudding idea from and till today its may favourite breakfast recipe :)

This Rawsome Vegan Life :

I really like this this blog particularly since the writer, Emily is a uni student and I feel like I could relate to her better . Shes got amazing dessert recipes and although they all look really good, they are surpsingly easy to make. Heres where I got my Raw hot chocolate idea from and yes, I have it every night and sometimes in the day

Queen of Quinoa:

I began following this blog recently since I incorporated Quinoa into my diet. I srated training at the gym in March since I finally found some time and relised I was probably not getting enough protein into my diet. Since Quinoa is really high in protein and is also gluten free, its perfect for me ... and you ;) I eat 1 or 2 servings of Quinoa each day and I feel like im actually getting enough nutrients ( since i felt kinda hungry all the time in the past).

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