Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A normal summer Monday in Fortaleza and my vegan meal plan

I had an appointment today to do my hair and it turned out all well. I have much lighter hair now and surprisingly, it complements my skin tone really well. I am really proud with myself since I strongly refused the tiniest urges within me to eat fast-food in uni. There are the days when Brazilian fast-food seem so tempting and delicious after a tiresome class. But today. No. Despite a friend devouring a huge Cheese Egg Bacon burger in front of me, I was pretty determined to get home and eat my latest addiction. Honestly, its a pretty good addiction considering that its vegan and all healthy. So its just brown rice with carioca beans.  Its been about 2 weeks and i'm still in love with it.

Before that, I had about 600ml of fresh squeezed orange juice and then about 5 medium bananas with passionfruit pulp. Happy to say, i'm addicted to these as well. I can't live without orange juice. It's my version of coffee. Nothing better to any morning then gulping down fresh vitamin rich juice, feeling all healthy and having a right start to the day. I then had brown rice with Carioca beans. This is a typical brazilian dish and I love it ! It's also vegan and gluten free so thats a plus.


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