Sunday, 14 December 2014

Vegan Sandwich Adventures -

Once again, I came across this recipe by chance. I was at the supermarket and decided that I would have guacamole for dinner with some chopped vegetables. Then, I came across some real good bread from the Swiss bakery in Singapore and thought, why don't I just put everything together into a kick-ass sandwich, and boy that sandwich was kick-ass. I combined a lot of what I had in the kitchen and got this amazing sandwich which I have had 3 consecutive days for dinner! -it's that delicious !

Here's the recipe:

Vegan Guacamole Sandwich

2 slices of bread( per serving)
1 medium ripe avocado, mashed
handful of cilantro
pomegranate seeds( I used from half a pomegranate)
lime juice from 3 small limes
pinch of salt, I used himalayan salt

For the toppings you need
A tomato sliced, or cherry tomatoes would be amazing in this
Sliced cucumbers
Sprouts- I used sunflower sprouts
Any other vegetables you like

Mix all the ingredients with the mashed avocado. You can add other spices such a paprika or cayenne if you like it hot.

Doesn't the guacamole look so pretty with the red pomegranate seeds?

I like to toast the bread and rub some garlic on it. Then I spread the guacamole. Next, I add the organic cos lettuce, chopped cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and sprouts. Aaand there you go, a sandwich meant to be devoured!
Here is what the sandwich looks like all layered with the different ingredients.

I have another recipe only mind with red pepper hummus or just regular hummus. I'm still trying to create this one and I already know that it's gonna taste so good. Who says vegan food or rather vegan sandwiches aren't any good, huh ?

I have eaten this so many times this week, I can't even keep track!

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