Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Juice Detox!

I've been thinking for sometime that I was in need of a juice detox. Since I was back in Singapore and had less commitments such as uni and work, I decided that I could have more time to do a juice detox. And I did one! I didn't experience any strong detox symptoms as I already did once detox in Brazil over a weekend- so 3 days. Also, I didn't experience symptoms like hunger pangs or fatigue. I really believe that my constant consumption of green smoothies and raw juices have really gotten my body accustomed to consuming less calories and even less food on some days. On my juice detox, I was not really craving food as long as I sipped juice throughout the day. I would drink about 3 litres of juice each day with 3 types of juices, 1 litre each. Below is the breakdown of what juices I drank when:

Day 1

Morning: beet, carrots, apple and celery, cucumber
Lunch: Pineapple and orange (my fav)
Dinner: Watermelon

Day 2:

This was watermelon day so I drank blended watermelon and lime throughout the day and also had cut watermelon for lunch. Once again, this was heaven for me because cold watermelon lime juice (i drank it with the pulp since it was blended) is heaven in a hot country like Singapore. This recipe is so sweet and refreshing, its so easy to only drink this for a day!

Day 3:

Morning: A wheatgrass shot (my first in a long time)
Lunch: Pineapple juice blended with papaya
Dinner: Beet, carrot and apple juice
I also ate half a papaya as a snack as I had some papaya that would go bad if it was not eaten

I didn't really have much creativity for the recipes as it was an impulse decision to go on a detox. I did not have much coming up in the next few days and thought it would be a good time detox on juice.

I decided to do a watermelon day on the 2nd day because watermelon flushes the liver and the kidneys and this would help facilitate the body in a detox. The liver would be able to get rid of the toxins already stored and detox the body better. I think a 3 day watermelon detox would be good to help clean the liver and allow it to function better. Could be an idea for a future detox weekend..

Now on to something not as pleasant. The wheatgrass shot. What can I say ? Wheatgrass is...horrible.. tasting! It is amazing for your body but we can escape from the fact that it does not taste any good! I had to drink water right after my shot as I could not take the smell and taste of wheatgrass. I then felt nauseous and just.. weird and this could be that it is so detoxing. I think I drank too much wheatgrass for the first time since I juiced about 150g of wheatgrass..So the way would be to start with 1 ounce and then increase it as you become more accustomed to it's taste and effect on your body.

All in all, I do not have plans to do another juice detox soon. I will be increasing my consumption of green smoothies. So far I have about 1 litre in the morning for breakfast and then I proceed to have my juice.  I think I would also include more herbs in my green smoothies. I am really excited to imcld parsley because I heard it cleans your body and prevents bacterial growth. Also, since I back to the magnificent tropical land- Singapore, it is time to take then chance and include fresh turmeric in my juice. I will definitely start including ginger, turmeric and lemon in my juice just to give that extra detoxifying boost to my juices and my body!

So thats all I have for my detox post folks!

I have been listening to some pretty amazing songs lately and such music makes me so happy! Links are :
Novo Amor by Henri Pfr
Lost and Found by Odesza

Both were discovered from Mimi Ikonn's videos! Happy listening :)


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